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  • Fields:
    • ID_Cust is a new field for the migration; I had this wacky idea that customers might need to share addresses (one customer buys a present for a friend; friend sets up an account and then moves, first friend buys another present but doesn't get the updated address...) but this turned out to be kind of a stupid idea. Consequently, the [Contacts x Addrs] table in the Access version also went away.
    • Tag will at first be set only by us, but later on customers will be able to set it and will be increasingly in charge of it.
    • WhenVoid is when the record was voided -- distinct from WhenExp, which would be set for when a valid address record would no longer be appropriate (e.g. customer moving out on a set date)
    • Full: the complete address formatted for printing (e.g. on a label).
      • Given that postage-printing apps seem to require seperate fields, and handle the formatting themselves, this field may not be as useful as it was when labels were separate from postage.
    • Search: the complete address, with all punctuation (including spaces) stripped out - so that changes in punctuation, capitalization, spaces, etc. don't prevent a match from being found. This is recalculated automatically from edits to Name, Street, Town, State, Zip, Country.
    • Search_raw should probably be replaced by a hash at some point, because it's just a value to make it easier to detect when Search needs recalculation - it's currently (I think) just Name, Street, Town, State, Zip, and Country fields appended together (with linebreaks).
    • State probably needs to be separate fields for as-entered and code-if-known
  • History:
    • 2009-07-09 Moved to separate wiki page; no design changes
    • 2011-11-22 Added WhenEnt and WhenUpd
    • 2012-01-03 Added WhenVoid
    • 2012-01-11 Tentative definitions for Full and Search; added ID_Country
    • 2013-11-26 Renamed Name to Label; added 255-char Name field for addressee name
    • 2014-08-30 Removed ID_Country for now -- not yet implemented in database, and we're not ready for it yet.


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `cust_addrs` (

 `ID_Cust`    INT COMMENT "core_custs.ID",
 `Label`      VARCHAR(31)          COMMENT "human-assigned label for this address",
 `WhenAct`    DATETIME              COMMENT "date when first active/usable; NULL = always",
 `WhenExp`    DATETIME              COMMENT "date when no longer usable; NULL = never",
 `WhenEnt`    DATETIME     NOT NULL COMMENT "when record was first created",
 `WhenUpd`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when record was last updated",
 `WhenVoid`   DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when this record was voided",
 `Full`       VARCHAR(255)          COMMENT "full address (street, town, zip, country)",
 `Search`     VARCHAR(255)          COMMENT "full address, normalized for searching",
 `Search_raw` VARCHAR(255)          COMMENT "text used to create Search field",
 `Name`       VARCHAR(255)          COMMENT "name of addressee",
 `Street`     VARCHAR(127)          COMMENT "address within town (street, apt., etc.)",
 `Town`       VARCHAR(63)           COMMENT "name of town",
 `State`      VARCHAR(63)           COMMENT "state or province name/code",
 `Zip`        VARCHAR(31)           COMMENT "zipcode or postal code",
 `Country`    VARCHAR(63)           COMMENT "name of country as entered by customer",
 `Extra`      VARCHAR(63)           COMMENT "additional instructions to always write on pkg",
 `Descr`      VARCHAR(255)          COMMENT "notes on this address",

) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>


Might use this in the future, but things get tricky. Do we get a complete list of countries from somewhere, or do we allow customers to enter new ones? In the latter case, NULL would need to be acceptable. <mysql>

 `ID_Country` INT NOT NULL          COMMENT "ref_country.ID",