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  • Purpose: Core customer table – all the other customer data tables point to this one
  • Fields:
    • ID_Repl: If non-null, then this customer ID has been consolidated with the customer whose ID is in ID_Repl; whenever/wherever possible, replace occurrences of this ID with the value of the corresponding ID_Repl.
    • WhenCreated: This should be NOT NULL on systems with no legacy data
    • WhenChanged: when the contact's dependent records (address, emails, etc.) were last modified (probably not implemented much)
    • WhenUpdated: When this record was last modified
  • History:
    • 2009-07-09 moved to separate wiki page; no design changes
    • 2011-11-29 added WhenUpdated field
    • 2013-10-10 added ID_User and Title fields (see core_users for rules)
    • 2016-06-12 switching definitions of WhenChanged and WhenUpdated
      • Only one record had WhenUpdated set; very few have WhenChanged set.


CREATE TABLE `core_custs` (
  `ID`          INT          NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `ID_Name`     INT          NOT NULL   COMMENT "cust_names.ID of default name",
  `ID_Addr`     INT      DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "cust_addrs.ID of default address",
  `ID_User`     INT      DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "core_users.ID of user for this customer",
  `Title`   VARCHAR(127) DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "user-entered title for this customer profile",
  `Notes`   VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "admin-entered notes about this customer",
  `ID_Repl`     INT      DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "core_custs.ID of replacement",
  `WhenCreated` DATETIME   /*NOT NULL*/ COMMENT "when this record was created",
  `WhenUpdated` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "when this record was last updated",
  `WhenChanged` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL   COMMENT "when this record's dependent data was last edited",