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<mysql> CREATE TABLE `places_hist` (

 `ID`                      INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `ID_Place`                INT NOT NULL COMMENT "places.ID of place being moved",
 `WhenDone`           DATETIME NOT NULL COMMENT "when the move happened",
 `WhoAdmin`   VARCHAR(127)     NOT NULL COMMENT "software or OS username",
 `WhoNetwork` VARCHAR(64)      NOT NULL COMMENT "network name or IP address of client machine",
 `ID_Srce`                 INT NOT NULL COMMENT "places.ID of where it came from (old parent ID; NULL = new bin)",
 `ID_Dest`                 INT NOT NULL COMMENT "places.ID of where it was moved to (new parent ID; NULL = bin destroyed)",
 `Descr`      VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "code-generated description for non-move events",
 `Notes`      VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "optional explanatory notes",

) ENGINE = MYISAM; </mysql>