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This is follow-up on an earlier discussion we were having, which I've posted here for reference, along with some additional details.

To be clear, the problem was not with my account but with the account my partner Sandy was trying to create.


(a) immediate problem solved, but
(b) we've inadvertently hijacked someone else's Pinterest account, so please let them have it back by whatever means that may be possible. I don't know if you can contact them or have to wait for them to contact you, but emailing them at their account's email won't work because it's the wrong address, and any emails you send them will go to Sandy instead of to the account's rightful owner.

More detailed summary

In response to your last email, which can be found [[1]]:

1. We have been trying this on different systems and browsers. All are up-to-date, all behave the same. Clearing cookies does not appear to have any effect. The problem seems to be that Pinterest rejects all email addresses on most of our domains, and does not say why.

2. In desperation, I tried entering Sandy's GMail address, harenaspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom -- Pinterest said the password was wrong, and offered to let me reset it. We did that, and logged in... and found that someone else apparently used that email address for their Pinterest account, even though it's not their email address. (It has happened many times before that people enter Sandy's GMail address for their contact information, or give it out to relatives -- and she gets the resulting email.)

So if Pinterest customer service is contacted by someone (apparently French-speaking?) claiming to have been locked out of their account, username "Lena" and email address "harenaspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom", please let them have the account back but make sure they give you a *correct* email address this time. Note that GMail apparently does not consider periods to be significant in email usernames -- so h.arenaspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom, har.enaspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom, haren.aspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom, etc. will all go to Sandy (harenaspam@spamgmailspam.spamcom).

3. I was finally able to create an account for her using an address at one of my domains, woozalia.com, log in, and correct the email address to the one she wanted to use. I still don't know why woozalia.com worked and ownedbycats.org and hypertwins.org both did not.

Much thanks,

Woozalia Staddon, on behalf of Sandy Hall

P.S. If you're hiring web devs, I could help out with that account creation issue. The difficulties we encountered with the account-creation process seem rather like security theatre, and do not prevent snafus like the one with Sandy's GMail account.