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(Software problems: Friendica)
(Software problems)
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* 1994: [[Yorkshire, England]]
* 1994: [[Yorkshire, England]]
* 2000(?): [[Hereford, AZ]]
* 2000(?): [[Hereford, AZ]]
==Software problems==
==Software issues & setups==
* [[/Mastodon/setup]]
* [[/Friendica/2017 upgrade]]
* [[/Friendica/2017 upgrade]]
* [[/2016/11/13/GMail silently dropping messages from cloud2]]
* [[/2016/11/13/GMail silently dropping messages from cloud2]]

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About Moi

I host, operate, and do most of the editing here on HTYP, though I welcome other contributors. IRL I am sometimes known as "Nick"; there is more complete contact information here and a more substantial/general homepage here.

HTYP was one of about three wiki projects I started at about the same time, in 2005 (the other two being Issuepedia and our family site, The HypertWiki).

I also similarly operate the "Sister Sites" listed in the navbar on the left, as well as The Center for Wingnut Remedial Education, and I do hosting and occasional site maintenance for LessigWiki.

I have been physically transitioning to female since mid-2016; there is more information about that here.

The rest of this page is in need of reorganization and updating...


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