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Fayetteville Road (sometimes called Fayetteville Street) is a long road in Durham, NC that stretches from a bridge over NC 147 down to the southern edge of Durham County, where it joins briefly with NC 751 and then loses its name (possibly where it crosses the County line; the map isn't clear on this).

It changes names at the northern end, where it crosses over NC-147, to Newman Street, which then changes its name again after only a few blocks to Elizabeth Street; this is largely the result of multiple street-realignments which were done when NC-147 was built.

Also near the northern end is a short stretch of Fayetteville Road's route before NC-147 was built, now called Old Fayetteville Street, accessible now via East Piedmont Avenue and East Lakewood Avenue. The Hayti Heritage Center and St. Joseph's A.M.E. (a rather significant brick cathedral-style building) both face onto what was once a major thoroughfare, now a side-road.

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