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{{#lst:Durham, NC|navbar}}: pizza


including small chains


Papa John's

It can be very difficult just to get a list of their locations in a particular area if you don't have an exact address to start from, so here's an ad-hoc list:

  • 4901 Hwy 55 (map), 27713 - 919-484-7766
  • 4221 Garrett Rd., 27707-3467 - 919-402-9900
  • 3751 Holloway Street, 27703 - 919-957-0606
  • 1018 W. Main St., 27701-2027 - 919-682-7272
  • 3600 N. Duke St. STE 38, 27704-1769 - 919-620-7575


(build list here similar to Papa John's above)