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Road Neighborhood]]: North-side parking ban

letter from the City of Durham

* 2005-10-01 The City of Durham says they will soon be forbidding parking on the north side of old Pinecrest, in an effort to allow fire engines to get through faster. (This will also no doubt aid the many morning commuters, who also use Pinecrest as the fastest route between Point A and Point B, to get to their respective fires.) Should we start an online petition about this? Some pictures showing the available space in the road (hover over thumbnails to see caption; click on thumbnail for larger picture):

Two cars, parked opposite each other on the Academy-Dogwood section of Pinecrest Road Tape measure crossing between the two cars, showing the whole tape measure and a distance of at least 11'4" Tape measure at right-hand car, showing that the distance is closer to 12 feet

Related Issues

  • What ever happened to speed humps? I gather that the current obstacle is funding. How do we keep updated on this so that we will have a petition ready when there's funding again?