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The Tymbrimi are a fictional extraterrestrial species in David Brin's Uplift Universe. One of the few races to ally with the humans, the Tymbrimi are considered by many of the galactic races to be tricksters. Tymbrimi have one client species, called Tytal, which were previously thought to be unupliftable.

Physically, they resemble anthropomorphic foxes, with fur that terminates in a widows peak above the bridge of their nose. They have a pair of tendrils that radiate out from their temples that serve as sense organs for some type of telepathy described in the books as 'empathy glyphs', in addition to radiating excess body heat.

The Tymbrimi have glands that can release enzymes for making physical changes to their appearance and organs. This is called a "gheer reaction" in the books.

Culturally, they share many of the same reservations about the role of the Galactic Library in terms of its effect on developing cultures.

Etymology for selected 'empathy glyphs:'

Glyph Name Possible English root Meaning
kiniwullun (Evel) Knievel -ing what boys will do
laylacllapt'n Layla (Eric) Clapton true love, soul mate
lurrunanu lure you neener (neener)
nuturunow not right now
tu' fluk tough luck unnappreciated jest

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