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Standard locations in Ubuntu:

  • /etc/redmine/ -- contains the configurations for each Redmine site on the server
    • default/ -- configuration files for the "default" site
  • /usr/share/redmine -- application folder: stuff that doesn't change; sample config files
  • /var/cache/redmine/
    • default/ -- cache files for the "default" site
  • /var/lib/redmine/ -- space used by Redmine for storing non-database data
    • default/ -- data for "default" site
      • config/ -- link, points to /etc/redmine/default
      • files/ -- where uploads are stored (for "default" site)
      • log/ -- link to /var/log/redmine/default
      • tmp/ -- link to /var/cache/redmine/default
  • /var/log/redmine/
    • default/ -- log files for the "default" site