Quod Libet

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Quod Libet is a libre audio library manager and player.


  • Has a habit of listing the same artist more than once, with identical spellings, and not sorted properly.
    • Wrongly spelled artists or tracks can be renamed, but I don't know how to fix the exact-duplicate problem.
  • Would also be nice if there was a way to tell it "these two files seem to be the same track; can you, like, compare them and see if there's any difference? if not, just list one of them? plzokthx"
  • won't show file paths
    • It will let you view the file in a file manager, and then you can figure out where each file is from that, but that's very slow if you're going through dozens of duplicate files.
  • There is a small gap (maybe 0.1 second) between tracks -- enough to notice.
  • When you have a set of tracks selected in a list, it still plays the whole list rather than the selected tracks.