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Postfix is an open source mail transfer agent (MTA) for POSIX systems. It is fully supported by Webmin/VirtualMin and is part of the Dovecot stack.



Internal Apps

User Applets

Other Applets

These are installed as part of the postfix package; not sure how they should be classified:

Error Messages

Other Subpages

  • /flow: the flow of messages across the various helper programs that make up Postfix
  • /SSL: Postfix and SSL


After making changes to the Postfix configuration files, you don't actually have to stop and restart Postfix to load the changes; you can just type (as root) "postfix reload".

automatic BCC

To automatically BCC outgoing mail from any given set of users, set sender_bcc_maps in / to hash:/etc/postfix/sender_bcc. (In Webmin: BCC Mapping: Sender BCC mapping lookup tables)

Each line in the /sender_bcc file will contain the sender (which can be user@domain, user, or @domain), one or more blanks, then the recipient (which can be one address or multiple addresses separated by commas).

Example -- BCCs all mail sent by users to an archive address:

pages to index

Possibly useful pages: