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as of 2020-04-12, borrowed from a private discussion space on CryptPad

Without particular order, here's the onboarding experience observations and feedback:

bugs, as reported

  • lack of a formal bug reporting process.
  • lack of a user-editable knowledge base.
  • Administrative user 404 error, 504 gateway timeouts?
  • ...hmm...where's the ability to create group calendar events?
  • Tablet/mobile interface modes have scrolling inconsistencies.
  • Events (in calendar) have quirks (possibly a general input fields validation audit needed?):
    • time periods can be backwards
    • saving an event multiple times creates multiple events.
    • lack of a clear "back to calendar" workflow.
  • Before being added to a project, new accounts are stuck looping back to the "New Project" page.
    • users cannot (for example) use the profile page to change their password.
  • Unclear process/workflow entry point, especially in a new/empty system.
    • eg "do we start with an idea, with research, or with a to-do".
    • lack of clarity on how to "make progress".
    • Generally a lot of questions about recommended workflows inside the application.
  • Lacking config options for the login timeout, or a notification to reset the timeout expiration, which impacts users typing longer text entries the most.
  • Text box widths for some fields (eg "Project Assignment" under the editUser page) neither scrolls nor resizes, causing longer project names to truncate prematurely.
  • On the editUser page, save button is inside the overview box, but no corresponding save button is inside the "Project Assignment" box, users have assumed that subsection assignment could be done without pressing "save".
  • Several users didn't know what a 'hypothesis' was and seemed to struggle with using the concept to make progress.
  • A query about using rclone (https://rclone.org/) for backups.
  • Feasibility of Discord chat, status integration.
  • Lack of threaded discussion makes asynchronous conversations extremely linear.
  • Inside the research formatted text data entry box, the admin account able to upload without selecting a file, resulting in an empty uploaded file in the interface.
  • "save and close" buttons everywhere there's a 'save' button? dropdown for non-default action, config for default?
  • documentation entrypoint?
  • 'milemarker' vs 'progress marker', re:internationalization
  • double link to timesheets? (both in the top and left menus)
  • nomenclature cohesion, terms & definitions list?
  • no obvious "go to my dashboard" option from first login tutorial, even when user is already assigned to a project.
  • issues with email notifications:
    • For some types of email-notif, it's unclear whether the event represents an action-item for the recipient.
    • There is no apparent way for users to request notifs only for action-items. (The only option for configuring notifs seems to be turning them off completely.)
    • The emails typically do not contain any details of the event; just the general type.
    • On following the link, the user may be presented with a dialogue that asks for more information -- without ever giving any even-specific context to which the user can respond.
  • lack of non-email notification feed
    • lack of granular notification control
  • The text which links to the user-managemenr page is misleading; it says "add users here", oslt, and it should say "manage users" or similar. (My initial assumption was that it was _only_ for adding users, so I kept looking elsewhere for user management.)

features, desired

  • granular permissions matrix
    • matrix import/export for debugging?
    • direct edit/validation of json?
  • CalDAV/CardDAV support for the calendar/clients systems.
  • standardized time formats (eg ISO 8601)
  • BrowserStack support?
  • Reporting capabilities?
  • Show IP, last login, activity count on user management page.
  • wiki capabilities (a git-cloneable markdown paradigm was mentioned as a best case option).
  • collaborative document editing/commenting of some form
  • clean URLs (instead of modal names in the browser bar)
  • email address obfuscation/encryption
    • emails are protected information
    • non-email logins, or a form/api ticket creation & asignment, are related
  • project data field(s) history
    • possibility of cloning project data via git?
    • data field autosave?
  • dark theme! please dear zod.
  • tag clouds?
  • option to display projects/clients/etc and allow requests to join
  • a way to directly link to project pages, milestones, etc for onboarding email(s)
  • a way to customize the initial email sent to new users
  • bulk user create
  • cloudflare integration?
  • feature flag config option per-project
    • eg, disable specific features/sections, such as time tracking or
  • user registration, hCaptcha (ref https://blog.cloudflare.com/moving-from-recaptcha-to-hcaptcha/)
  • reset cleared tutorial items (regularly) for an account?
  • multiple milestone/ticket owners/assignees?
  • milestone custom data fields?
  • wiki-like editing: at least as a separate section (wiki for each project), preferably s a feature in other areas where multiline text may be entered (cf. Redmine for examples)
  • a way for admins (with sufficient rights) to reset user passwords and/or re-send the signup email
  • when adding a user, there should be a way to require the user to set their own password (preferably without the admin being having to set a temporary password)
  • ability to thread discussions more than 2 levels (reply to a reply)
  • ability to sort discussions oldest-to-newest
  • some kind of visual cue to justify the fact that the top level comments are (by default) sorted differently from the replies
  • for cloud storage, please support something other than Amazon S3. Amazon is an evil company _and_ there are many alternatives using similar protocols. See https://rclone.org/
  • import/export of project data
    • for Leantime-instance migration
    • for mothballing/backing up/archiving projects
    • possibly for migration between Leantime and other apps
  • extendability/pluggability (like MediaWiki extensions)