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{{seed}}[[Computing]]: [[Linux]]: [[KDE]]
{{seed}}[[Computing]]: [[Linux]]: [[KDE]]
* [[KDE Issues]]
*[http://kde.org KDE homepage]
*[http://kde.org KDE homepage]
**[http://wiki.kde.org/ KDE wiki]
**[http://wiki.kde.org/ KDE wiki]
*[http://www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org/apidocs/ KDE Development Docs] at English Breakfast Network
*[http://www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org/apidocs/ KDE Development Docs] at English Breakfast Network
# Show a path in Control Center windows
#* '''Background''': Various of aspects of KDE are configured via kcontrol, a.k.a. the "Control Center" (similar to the "Control Panel" in [[Windows (Microsoft)|Windows]], but organized hierarchically), which is generally available from the [[K Menu]] (i.e. the default configuration for most distributions has it there, and is often also accessible from other places in the menu as well as by running kcontrol directly from the console).
#: Many parts of the Control Center may also be accessed by other means, e.g.:
#:* Right-click on the desktop background and select '''Configure Desktop...''': brings up a dialog that gives access to '''Appearance & Themes -> Background''', '''Desktop -> Behavior''', '''Desktop -> Multiple Desktops''', '''Appearance & Themes -> Screen Saver''', and '''Peripherals -> Display''', depending on which icon you choose.
#:* Right-click on an application icon in the taskbar, select '''Panel Menu -> Configure Panel...'''
#: Furthermore, it is not always clear that these menus are the same; many settings for the same components are hidden in different parts of the Control Center, so it is easy to get lost trying to find the place where a particular setting is adjusted (e.g. I managed to figure out how to set transparency for the multiple desktop widget ''once'', but I haven't been able to find it again.)
#* '''Suggestion''': Always show a path inside Control Center dialogs, regardless of whether they are invoked from within the Control Center or otherwise. For the examples given above, these would be like:
#** '''Configure Desktop''':
#*** '''Background''': Control Center: Appearance & Themes: Background
#*** '''Behavior''': Control Center: Desktop: Behavior
#*** '''Multiple Desktops''': Control Center: Desktop: Multiple Desktops
#*** '''Screen Saver''': Control Center: Appearance & Themes: Screen Saver
#*** '''Display''': Control Center: Peripherals: Display
#** '''Configure Panel''':
#*** '''Layout''': Control Center: Desktop: Panels
#*** '''Taskbar''': Control Center: Desktop: Taskbar

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