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This is a growing seedling article. You can help HTYP by watering it.


  • Installing Horde Framework 5 is an official guide to downloading and installing Horde, but is rather vague about what to do once you've got the web UI working
  • HowTo:Horde is an unofficial guide to downloading and installing Horde, including what to do once you get to the initial admin config page


Things we still don't know include:

  • how to turn on the full stack trace (so you can see where exceptions are being thrown)
  • where Horde logs its errors
  • the filespec of the file in which the Horde_Registry class is defined
  • the filespec of the file in which the text "This system is currently deactivated." is found


A fatal error has occurred This system is currently deactivated. Details have been logged for the administrator.

A web page containing only that error message apparently indicates that the file $horde/admin/conf.php.dist needs to be copied to $horde/admin/conf.php. Further editing is not usually needed. Apparently this is a standard part of the setup process, and is not handled by any of the automated setup routines.