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The 2010 EX-L model includes a navigation system, 6-CD changer, DVD/CD player, and DVD-R reader under the driver's seat, which loads the software and data for the navigation system. It also has a moon roof, fold-flat 3rd-row seats, and a usefully-large storage compartment in the floor just behind (and between) the front seats.


The environment system (audio player, navigation, heating/cooling) has a number of protective PINs for accessing certain functions:

  • radio: locked whenever battery power is lost; 5 digits
  • touchscreen: locked whenever battery power is lost; 4 digits
  • navigation: same 4-digit code is required to unlock certain functions

These PINs are set at the factory, and are included on the Anti-Theft Identification Card which should have been included with the purchase, but this is apparently sometimes completely wrong. To find the correct serial numbers, follow the instructions on these pages:

...and then use that information to retrieve the PIN as described here.