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Before Uploading

It's generally a good idea to check the size of your image (in bytes) before uploading. If it's much larger than ~150kb, you may want to shrink it some, or use a lossy format (e.g. .JPG) if it's stored losslessly (e.g. .PNG). Also, some image file formats aren't appropriate for web presentation, e.g. BMP, TIFF, and proprietary formats such as PSD (PhotoShop).

Recommended formats:

  • PNG (or SVG) for line-art or anything with relatively few colors, straight edges, etc.
  • JPG for photographs or anything with many shades of color
  • SVG for vector graphics

We can also handle documents in these formats: PDF, ODT, DOC. If you get an error that the format isn't supported, contact me and I'll double-check (writing this rather quickly right now). We may be able to accept other formats as well.

If you want to upload really large files, contact me; I may want to put them on a different server which has more room.


Once your file is ready to upload:

  • Click on "Upload file" in the sidebar at left, under "toolbox"
  • Click the [Browse] button to select the image file you want to upload from your computer
  • Enter any descriptive information into the large edit box underneath
  • Click the [Upload file] button

Once your file has uploaded, you can get the name of the image from the resulting page -- that name is what you'll need in order to insert your image on other pages, or link to it.


MediaWiki's site has a pretty good tutorial about how to insert the image into other pages -- but note that they use "File:" as a prefix, while HTYP's version of MediaWiki still uses "Image:". (This will change eventually, but "Image:" will still work. "File:" currently won't work on HTYP.)

To make a link directly to the image, use "Media:" instead of "Image:".

More later when I have time.