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HTYP uses Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) as a way of collecting data about pages. This makes it possible to do much more focused and "smart" searches than simply looking for text.

In order to make sure that pages are listed properly, we use a set of standard formats for SMW data. Eventually, we will have forms to make it easier to create and maintain these pages; for now, SMW tags must be entered directly.


A company's page can be separate from pages for the brands it produces. This is because the brand names are usually shorter, less ambiguous (Does it end with "Inc."? "LLC"? Is the period included?), and are generally included in model names/numbers of products.

Sub-brands and product names can then be organized hierarchically as sub-pages underneath the appropriate brand name.

For example:


  • towns:
    • US/NC/Durham is our "flagship" town listing, and shows how to format a town page with too much information for a single page
    • US/NC/Carrboro shows how to format a smaller town listing
  • streets: use US/NC/Durham/roads/Pinecrest as a model. If the street is in multiple zipcodes, don't give it zipcode data.
  • addresses: use US/NC/Durham/roads/Pinecrest/143 as a model
    • Use any of the photographs on that page as an example of how to index a photograph of a building at a known address.
  • shopping malls: use US/NC/Durham/Northgate as an example. Prefixing the title with country/state/town is only necessary if there are others with the same name; otherwise, that article would have been called Northgate Mall. When prefixing, the mall itself can be referred to in a shorter form ("Northgate" instead of "Northgate Mall").