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{{seed}}[[Category:Help]]This page is an index to getting help with [[HTYP]] and the [[MediaWiki]] software
{{seed}}[[Category:Help]]This page is an index to getting help with [[HTYP]] and the [[MediaWiki]] software

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This is a seed article. You can help HTYP grow by watering it.

This page is an index to getting help with HTYP and the MediaWiki software


  • About HTYP has general information about the HTYP project
  • HTYP has a number of RSS feeds to keep readers informed of updates.
  • Contact the Chief Despot: HTYP:Contact
  • Templates: information about templates on this site
  • Editing: anything to do with editing or creating articles
  • help category: list of all site help documents


  • General help with the MediaWiki web software is available at the MediaWiki help site: MediaWiki Help Manual. For more technical information, see the MediaWiki article.