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An HTML entity is a combination of characters which will be displayed within an HTML browser as a single character. All HTML entities begin with "&" (ampersand) and end with ";" (semicolon). Many entities have mnemonic names (such as "&", which displays an ampersand); any possible character can be displayed as an entity by using the format "&#number;" where number is the output character's ASCII value in decimal.



  • Does Google resolve html entities when indexing web pages? That is, if I spelled a word (e.g. "schmerglefrotz") entirely using html entities, would someone be able to find that page using google by typing "schmerglefrotz" (after the site had been spidered, of course)? (As a test, I will spell a completely different word using HTML entities, and try Googling it later: FRELGKLOTZ)

Standard ASCII in Entities

A A     a a
B B b b
C C c c
D D d d
E E e e
F F f f
G G g g
H H h h
I I i i
J J j j
K K k k
L L l l
M M m m
N N n n
O O o o
P P p p
Q Q q q
R R r r
S S s s
T T t t
U U u u
V V v v
W W w w
X X x x
Y Y y y
Z Z z z
[ [ { {
\ \ |
] ] } }
^ ^ ~ ~
_ _  
` ` € €