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Group-Office's webmail component


Group-Office is a free/open-source groupware package that also has a premium (paid) version with more features. Unlike most web software packages, it is available for repository-based installation for Debian or Ubuntu, allowing for easier installation and maintenance.

Premium Version

Upgrading from free to premium involves installing a license and the Ioncube file, which requires root access (the php.ini file must be modified and PHP will need to be restarted).

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from Repository

When installed from a repository, Group-Office keeps some files completely outside of the public web folders:

  • /usr/share/groupoffice contains the executable code (mostly PHP, some Javascript)
    • The apt-get installation process creates a link to this folder from a location in the web server file area, rather than just putting the files there.
  • /etc/groupoffice contains configuration files, one of which (config.php) specifies the locations of other key folders:
    • $config['root_path'] (/home/groupoffice by default) contains some data files
    • $config['file_storage_path'] (/home/groupoffice/something by default) specifies the folder where the "file" module stores files
    • $config['local_path'] (/home/groupoffice/local/ by default): purpose unknown