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PHP loves globals. I hate them. This is not a great combination, but I manage. I could get rid of most of them by having a single "HTTP request" object, and using it to hold everything that's now global (which is exactly what I'd do in a Java servlet). But that's really awkward in PHP, and wouldn't really provide much benefit in readability or maintainability, so I go with the flow of PHP and use globals. Here's documentation on the important globals used by the system.

  • $wgOut: OutputPage object for HTTP response.
  • $wgTitle: Title object created from the request URL.
  • $wgLang: Language object for this request.
  • $wgArticle: Article object corresponsing to $wgTitle.
  • $wgLinkCache: LinkCache object.

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  • 2005-06-13 Transcribed from docs for MediaWiki version 1.4.5