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XmlElement attribute enumeration

This code: <gambas>Public Sub BugTest()

 Dim Node As New XmlElement
 Dim xmlAttr As Variant
 Dim xAttrs As Variant
 ' set up some attributes
 Node.SetAttribute("attr1", "a value")
 Node.SetAttribute("attr2", "another value")
 xAttrs = Node.Attributes
 For Each xmlAttr In xAttrs
   ' the FOR EACH gives an error: "The program has returned the value: 1"


...produces this error:

2015-06-04 17-31-05 screenshot of Gambas error 1.png

It should also be noted that in the line just before the bug occurs, the Gambas IDE reports that "xAttrs" is an XmlElement -- but according to the documentation for XmlElement.Attributes, it should be ".XmlElementAttributes".