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Gambas is a programming language and IDE.

It is:

  • intended to fill the same niche as VB, though not intended to be code-compatible
  • currently only available for Linux and other Unix-derivatives (there is a partially-functioning Windows version)
  • open-source


How To

  • Installation:
  • Develop with:
    • Responding to right-clicks: the standard Click event also responds to right-clicks
    • Showing a pop-up menu: still looking into this...
    • /nesting forms







  • tutorials (English, Spanish)
  • Linux Basic
    • seems to have gone defunct in late 2013; archive
    • was a forum: ostensibly for "the new breed of Basics coming out for the Linux operating system", but the focus seems to have been mostly (or entirely) on Gambas


  • The Help system appears to be wiki-based, possibly feeding directly off the Gambas wiki -- so any errors found can be corrected by anyone, in theory. Not sure how easy this is in practice. (Edit buttons do not appear in the Help app, so you would have to find the correct page on the wiki, and get editing permission from the webmaster.)