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FinanceFerret is the working name for an open source personal finance manager application currently being developed by Woozle.


Googling for "financeferret" did not turn up any apparent trademarks. The domain name "" was registered in 2006, but the web site still shows it as "coming soon" -- possibly a domain squatter. "" and "" are available as of 2008-08-17, and I don't plan to register them (got enough just-for-the-name domains sitting around sucking $12/year out of my bank account).

From this, I determine that the name is more or less available for this use. If the registrant of would like to donate it to this project, I'd be happy to accept it. --Woozle 09:26, 17 August 2008 (EDT)


The software currently exists as a Microsoft Access 97 program (written in VBA); I have migrated the tables to MySQL, but this is causing practical issues in that there is a delay of approximately 10 seconds between saving one edited record and being able to start editing the next.

Early documentation for that version is on HypertWiki.


Event Log

Copied, with only slight changes, from VbzCart tables. This version is suitable for re-use in other projects, but perhaps should be renamed EventLog or Events because the MySQL syntax highlighter thinks "log" is a keyword.

<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `Event Log`; CREATE TABLE `Event Log` (

   ID INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT "log line identifier",
   EvWhen DATETIME NOT NULL COMMENT "when the event started",
   EvWhere varchar(255) COMMENT "where in the code the event happened (suitable for filtering)",
   Params varchar(255) COMMENT "any relevant parameters",
   Descr varchar(255) COMMENT "description of event",
   Code INT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "numeric event code unique to location (EvWhere)",
   AppUser varchar(127) COMMENT "application username, for when we have a user-security system",
   SysUser varchar(127) COMMENT "who logged into the operating system (username)",
   Machine varchar(64) COMMENT "network name of machine from which the event was initiated, if applicable",
   isError BOOL COMMENT "FALSE = this is just a message or normal event; TRUE = there is a problem to fix (error)",
   isSevere BOOL COMMENT "TRUE = important enough to send email to admin immediately",
   Notes varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "manually-entered notes",
) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>

  • Have to use "Ev" prefix because When and Where are keywords.