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function name defined in
AddRow(cFieldRow $rc) (T) tInternalStorage
ClearValues() cFieldRow
DumpRows() (T) tSequentialAccess
FetchRows_asFieldArray($sField) (T) tSequentialAccess
FieldsString_forSelect() (T) tQueryableSource
GetAllRows() (T) tInternalStorage
GetClass_default() (T) tDataDesign
GetDatabase() : cDatabaseConnection (T) tQueryableSource
GetFieldClassArray() : array
GetRowCount() (T) tSequentialAccess
GetRow_forKey($id) (T) tMonokeyQueryableSource
GetRowObject() : cFieldRow (A) cPortalRow
GetRows_forAll() (T) tInternalStorage
GetRows_forKeyList($sqlIDs) (T) tMonokeyQueryableSource
GetSourceObject() : cIOSource
GetStoragePortals() tFieldRow_Storage
GetPortalType() (A) cPortalRow
GetTableName() (T) tTableSource
GetRow($key) (T) tInternalStorage
HasRows() (T) tSequentialAccess
MakeField($sKey) tMakableFieldRow
NextRow() (T) tSequentialAccess
RewindRows() (T) tSequentialAccess
SelectColumnValues_asArray($sField) (T) tSequentialAccess
SelectRows($sqlWhere=NULL,$sqlSort=NULL,$sqlOther=NULL) : NULL (T) tQueryableSource
SetDatabase(cDatabaseConnection $db) (T) tTableSource
SetAllRows(array $ar) (T) tInternalStorage
cFieldRow $rc) (T) tInternalStorage
SetRowObject(cFieldRow $rs) (A) cPortalRow
SetValues(array $ar)
SourceString_forSelect() (T) tQueryableSource