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  PURPOSE: data-row management for storage I/O
  FUNCTIONALITY: table-sourced row with single "ID" index
  REPLACES: fcDataRow
    2018-09-30 started
    2018-11-30 mostly gutted
    2018-12-15 Sources are now pointed to by storage-type PortalRows, not IORows
    2019-01-05 renamed from cFieldRowStandard to cStandardRow; added tFieldRow_Storage
abstract class cStandardRow extends cFieldRow_sourced implements ifSingleKeyedRow {
    use tMakableFieldRow;
    use tKeyedRow;
    use tSaveableRow;
    use tSingleKey_Row;
    use tFieldRow_Storage;
    // CEMENT
    protected function GetStoragePortalsClass() {
        return __NAMESPACE__.'\\cPortalRow_Table';