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  • (A) cIORow
    • cIORowDisplay extends cIORow
    • (A) cIORow_internal extends cIORow
      • (A) cIORowMemory extends cIORow_internal
        • fcStackTrace extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowMemory
    • (A) cIORow_sourced extends cIORow
      • (A) cIORowStandard extends cIORow_sourced implements ifSingleKeyedRow
        • extended by several EventPlex classes
        • fcrUserAcct extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • fcrUserClient extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • fcrUserPermit extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • fcqrUserPerm extends ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • fcrUserSession extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • FinanceFerret: crAcct extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • FinanceFerret: crTxType extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • FinanceFerret: crTrxt extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
        • FinanceFerret: crTrxSummary extends \ferreteria\data\cIORowStandard
      • fcrDropInModule extends ferreteria\data\cIORow_sourced