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(list of traits is redundant when we have automated list of all classlike entities)
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* [[Special:SearchByProperty/cl:OnRoaW5nLTIwdHlwZS9jbGFzcy0yRmZlcnJldGVyaWE|alphabetical list of classes]]
* [[Special:SearchByProperty/cl:OnRoaW5nLTIwdHlwZS9GZXJyZXRlcmlhLTJGY2xhc3M|alphabetical list of classes]]
===Root Classes===
===Root Classes===
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* {{l/ferreteria/class|cFieldRow}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|cFieldRow}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|cPortalRow}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|cPortalRow}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tDataDesign}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tDataDesign_singleKey}}
* <s>{{l/ferreteria/class|tFieldClasses}}</s>
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tInternalStorage}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tLoadableRow}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tQueryableSource}}
* <s>{{l/ferreteria/class|tSelectable_Source}}</s>
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tSequentialAccess}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tSimpleFields}}
* <s>{{l/ferreteria/class|tSource_SingleKeyed}}</s>
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tSourcedStorage}}
* {{l/ferreteria/class|tTableSource}}
''rearrangement in progress''
''rearrangement in progress''

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Root Classes


rearrangement in progress

Core functionality:

  • handle current row - cFieldRow
  • handle multiple rows
    • sequential - tSequentialAccess
      • status (how many rows found)
      • position row cursor
      • access current row
      • end-of-rowset flag
    • indexed

Database sources:

  • manage what's in the source (selected, sequential access)

Currently, Table (Source) objects define:

There are two types of accessible data, when dealing with databases:

  • data that has been loaded into a black-box "resource" rowset, and can be accessed sequentially
  • data that is being stored in memory, and can be accessed by index (core functionality)