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  • Purpose: a list of access permits (permissions) that groups (and therefore users) can have
  • Module: users
  • Used by: ugroup_x_upermit
  • History:
    • 2013-11-27 written
    • 2017-01-29 moved from VbzCart to Ferreteria a few days ago; renamed from uperm to user_permit; changed MYISAM to InnoDB
    • 2017-03-25 added unique key for Name
    • 2020-01-15 added WhenEdited field


CREATE TABLE `user_permit` (
  `ID`       INT              NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `Name`     VARCHAR(31)      NOT NULL COMMENT "name of permission (permit)",
  `Descr`    VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "description/usage",
  `WhenCreated` DATETIME      NOT NULL COMMENT "when this permit was created",
  `WhenEdited`  DATETIME  DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when permit was last modified",
  UNIQUE KEY `Name_UNIQUE` (`Name`)