Common Unix Printing System

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The Common Unix Printing System, abbreviated "CUPS", is an API for providing printer services across different flavors of UNIX/Linux. It also provides a GUI application and web interface, for both usage and administration.

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  • class: a group of printers wherein the first available printer will accept each job sent to the class.
  • job: a particular document submitted for printing by a particular client (machine) to a particular printer
  • queue: a list of documents to be printed by a particular printer or class
  • printer

Error Messages

There doesn't seem to be any catalog on the CUPS site of possible error messages and what they mean.

  • cupsdAuthorize:
    • Local authentication certificate not found!


To restart CUPS (on Ubuntu and similar distros, anyway) is:

invoke-rc.d cupsys restart

Fixing Problems

  • Control panel applet won't browse Windows Network Neighborhood for printers: make sure python-smbc is installed