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[[Category:School Reviews]] Carolina Friends School is a private school on the western outskirts of Durham, NC. Founded by Quakers, and reflecting the Quaker philosophy, the school often does things differently from other schools.(For example: Students and Staff "settle in" together for 15 minutes or more in the morning, with no formal reading of "announcements"; individuals speak as they feel the need. Upper School students help with the maintenance and instruction at the school as part of "School Service" classes, or did as of 1982, when I went there; I presume this still applies.)


Woozle 06:10, 30 Apr 2005 (CST)

CFS in 1979-1982 was quite a magical place. I met people there who totally changed my life. (Bad things also happened, and they didn't handle Harena's crisis very well when she was there, but they at least erred on the side of allowing the individual to make their own choices, rather than being heavy-handed and authoritarian.) They were also very good for for Mel, who graduated from the CFS upper school in 2003(?), and Zander (age 7 when he first went there in 2004), who was not getting along very well at Hope Valley (Durham Public Schools). Also... I think CFS needs a wiki all to itself.


  • The mural on the driveway-side of the middle school pavilion (The

Quakerdome) was painted by Matthew Henry, me (weird unfinished brown tower-thing being sucked into the black hole), [[Jenny Hall]] (dragon), Charlotte Denny (from New Zealand -- the Kiwi is hers; we jokingly called it "the dragon turd"), and I have to check about the one or two others. It was done for a mini-session project in 1982 (possibly 1981). I thought we were going to come back later and finish it... I remember the supervising teacher's face, but not her name (time to rifle through old yearbooks).

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