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[[Central Park School for Children|CPSC]] Expectation Guide
Park School|CPSC]] Expectation Guide
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CPSC Expectation Guide

What to Expect What Not to Expect
A visible Director An invisible Principal
Narrative quarterly reports to parents Checklist or graded report


Creative curriculum,
designed by teachers and

using a variety of resources || Textbook driven curriculum

Lots of trips One trip per year
Everyone on a first name basis Formal titles
Cooperation Competition
Whole school and individual class recess No recess
Required reading for homework Repetitive, busy sheets for homework
Parents send lunch A cafeteria
Parents provide transportation School bus transportation
A high level of parent commitment to involvement Limited

opportunities for parent involvement

Busy classrooms with students actually engaged Silent classroom
Peer teaching Isolated classroom study
Multi-aged interaction Interaction only with peers
Dirty, happy kids that enjoy learning Clean, unhappy kids that

hate school