AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System

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Consumer: Electronics: AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System

The AT&T 1719 Digital Answering System is a low-cost answering machine with digital message storage. It does not have any kind of port for connection to a computer.

Remote Access Code

The instructions do not explain how to determine the device's remote access security code (PIN); in response to a query, AT&T explained the procedure thusly:

  1. To enter the Feature Setup mode, press and hold [SETUP] until the system announces, “Number of rings is…”
  2. Press and release [SETUP] until the system announces the feature you want to set.
  3. Press and release [ANNC/SKIP] or [MEMO/REPEAT] until the system announces the setting you want.
  4. Press and release [SETUP] to set up the next feature listed on the feature summary or press and release [PLAY/STOP] to exit feature

setup. The new settings will be saved.

  1. After you have selected the feature options, you can review the settings by pressing and releasing [SETUP].


  • Manual (HTML page with a PDF link)