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  • History:
    • 2010-01-29 Adapted from MS Access version
    • 2010-01-30 changed isActive from BOOL to BIT(1) because that's what "boolean" apparently exports as
    • 2010-03-05 added isLineItem so that purchases on same day can still be listed separately
    • 2010-03-11 Changed PerHour so it could be NULL -- some "rates" are for non-rate charges, e.g. purchases or preset fee
    • 2013-06-14 ID_Proj is about to be obsoleted by the rate_proj table.
    • 2013-10-31 Removing ID_Proj


<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `rate`; CREATE TABLE `rate` (

 `ID`         INT(4)           NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `Name`       VARCHAR(63)      NOT NULL COMMENT "brief name for rate (for lists)",
 `PerHour`    DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "cost per hour",
 `isActive`   BIT(1)      DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "TRUE = still in use; FALSE = only use in history",
 `isLineItem` BIT(1)      DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "TRUE = don't consolidate this session by date",

) ENGINE=MyISAM;</mysql>