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  • echo - if present, echo the page's parsed contents
  • let=name of var to receive page's contents
  • local - if present, page is parsed in its own context rather than parent's
  • page=name of wiki page to load


2019-12-31: This example may be obsolete.

<func ShowRecentLinks max>
  <let name=idx />
  <let name=including val=1 />
  <for table="qryW3_Titles_Catgs" where="(cl_to='Data/links') AND (page_namespace=0)" sort="page_title DESC" limit=$max name=pg hide>
    <let name=pg_title val="@row.page_title" />
    <let name=idx inc />
    <if not flag=noLoad>
      <load page=$pg_title />
    <if flag=data[Title]>
      <call GetLinkBrief />
<!-- if no new-style data, just display link to page so we can fix the problem: -->
      <let name=links.out>
* [[</let>
      <let name=links.out append copy=pg_title />
      <let name=links.out append>]]</let>
    <let name=links.rtn append copy=links.out />
    <let name=links.out />
    <let name=data />