Raspberry Pi doorcams

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Yes, but you have to have a monitor to hook up, and they're $60 (or $80 for touchscreen).

...Unless you want to drag around a desktop monitor and hook it up temporarily (and they need A/C power, too) – but if you're going to go to that length, it seems like it'd be easier just to connect to the camera feed from a regular phone or tablet. There'd inevitably be some lag, but then again you won't be trying to carry a monitor around with you while you're adjusting the camera.

(Remember also that you may want to put cameras in places that aren't necessarily easy to get to, so having to hook something up while adjusting it – and then unhook without messing up your careful adjustments – could be a major PitB.)

13:50, 29 March 2018

Okay, I guess I'll let you sort all that out. I was just thinking it might be a good use for the Pi (finally).

14:39, 29 March 2018