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  • History:
    • 2009-08-05 Added ID_Archive
    • 2009-08-07 Added Edit
    • 2009-08-08 ID_Client -> Addr_Client
    • 2009-08-09 Addr_Client must be a *string*
  • Fields:
    • Code:
      • NULL = normal filter match
      • "AMP" = ampersandbot (to be eventually superceded by some kind of difference-pattern)
      • "THR" = throttled: too many spam attempts, temporary blacklist of IP address
    • MatchText: mainly useful for regex filters and (especially) non-listable offenses
    • ID_Pattern needs to allow NULL in order to log throttled saves with no pattern match
    • ID_Archive means the same thing as ID_Pattern, but refers to pattern_archive instead of patterns. This is DEFAULT NULL for backward compatibility.
    • Edit: text of submitted edit
    • Diff: diff between submitted edit and existing text


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `attempt` (

 `ID`          INT         NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `When`        DATETIME                 COMMENT "timestamp of attempt",
 `ID_Pattern`  INT     DEFAULT NULL     COMMENT "(patterns.ID) pattern matched",
 `ID_Archive`  INT     DEFAULT NULL     COMMENT "(pattern_archive.ID) pattern matched",
 `Addr_Client` VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL     COMMENT "(client.Address) spamming client",
 `IDS_Session` VARCHAR(255)             COMMENT "PHP session ID from session_id()",
 `Code`        VARCHAR(15)              COMMENT "type of attempt",
 `PageServer`  VARCHAR(63)              COMMENT "identifier of wiki being attacked (usually domain)",
 `PageName`    VARCHAR(255)             COMMENT "name of page where the spam would have displayed",
 `didAllow`    TINYINT(1) DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "edit was allowed",
 `Edit`        MEDIUMTEXT               COMMENT "submitted text",
 `Diff`        MEDIUMTEXT               COMMENT "difference between original and attempted edit",

) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>