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  • To avoid shortcomings in existing money manager software
  • To minimize the "setup curve", i.e. the amount of preparatory work needed before any useful amounts of data can be entered
  • To provide all basic functionality needed for the following:
    • Tracking and balancing one's bank accounts, credit cards, and other basic types of money accounts
    • Tracking debts and loans involving one or more other parties of varying levels of disorganization (they might or might not send you regular statements or even reliable itemizations)
  • To make data entry as painless as possible:
    • Easy identification of redundantly-entered transactions -- so you can Just Start Typing instead of worrying about where you left off last time
    • Deferred data massaging -- so you can Just Start Typing, and worry about assigning proper accounts and categories to things later; the program should keep track of incomplete data massaging so you can take care of it when you have time