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Woozle: Projects: HyperMoney

HyperMoney is my attempt to write a money-management program (as in Quicken or Microsoft Money) that is actually usable and has no Stupid Features. It will be Open Source, as soon as I have source worth publishing (as of 2005-08-06, it's all written in Microsoft Access 97). The next step may be to convert it to web-based application, as HTML could possibly overcome many of the interface design issues I'm encountering.

2008-08-17 Update: I'm renaming the project FinanceFerret, and moving the documentation over to HTYP.

Data Design

There are two main areas of concern: Accounts and Transactions. All other tables are supporting either or both of those, sometimes mainly for user-friendliness and not part of the core data design. User-friendliness functions include Grouping and Pre-entry (deferred data massaging).


Accounts table
Field Type Description
ID int(4) autonumber
Name text short name for account
Descr text description and notes

Accounts are in a hierarchical tree, but this is mainly user-friendliness (though it can also be used for reports). The tree is in a separate table, Topics (see #Grouping), and the mapping from Accounts to Topics is in [Accounts x Topics].

Accounts x Topics table
Field Type Description
ID_Acct int(4) Accounts.ID
ID_Topic int(4) Topics.ID


Every transaction consists of one or more TransParts associated with a master Transaction record. Inforamation about balances will be stored separately.

Trxacts table (Transactions)
Field Type Description
ID int(4) autonumber
Descr text description of transaction
When date date when the transaction occurred, as recorded by user
TrxParts table (TransParts)
Field Type Description
ID int(4) key autonumber
ID_Trx int(4) Trxacts.ID of master transaction
ID_Mode int(4) TrxModes.ID of transaction mode (source, target, equity, topic)
ID_Acct int(4) Accts.ID of account for this part of the transaction

May be NULL to indicate that this is a "loose" piece of information

Seq int(4) Order in which this transaction part appears, among others of the same mode
ID_Type int(4) TrxTypes.ID of transaction type for this part
When date date when the transaction occurred, according to the institution hosting the account
Amount currency amount of transaction; positive = deposit, negative = withdrawal.
  • Sum of all source parts plus all target parts must equal zero.
  • Sum of all equity parts must equal sum of all target parts.


Topics table
Field Type Description
ID int(4) autonumber
Name text short name for topic, as shown in tree
NameFull text (optional) longer form of name for display outside of tree context
Descr text (optional) description of topic
ID_Parent int(4) Topics.ID of parent topic; NULL = this is a root topic

Interface Design