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"Fideal" is short for "ideal file". A fideal represents what the file is supposed to be, e.g. a perfect copy of a particular document or media clip. – i.e. it either is the original, or it is a perfect copy. ("Original file" might be as good a name, but in some cases the "original" may become corrupted and one of the copies may be more accurate; the "fideal" is how the file is supposed to be.)


  • 2012-12-25 removed any firev-specific fields; reorganized documentation
  • 2016-02-27 renamed "fideals" -> "fideal"


  • Title will probably end up being some form of the filename, possibly with disambiguating text prepended.
  • Descr: At some point I'll probably have some kind of syntax whereby this can refer to a wiki page for more info. Maybe just straight HTML? Or possibly we need a separate URL field.
  • AutoDescr can be generated by the application which first goes looking for the fideal and which therefore may have more understanding of the fideal's purpose in life


  • Fideal records are only created when:
    • multiple copies of the same file are found
    • a user wants to record information about what the file is supposed to represent (the fideal). In other words: if you want to describe the contents of a file, you don't; you describe the fideal. Files are localized instances (possibly imperfect copies) of fideals.
  • Any firev which is believed to be a perfect representation of the fideal will be marked as such (method yet to be determined).


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `fideal` (

 `Title`     VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "unique name for the file, wherever it may be found",
 `Descr`     VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "description",
 `AutoTitle` VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "automatically-generated title",
 `AutoDescr` VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "automatically-generated description",

) ENGINE = INNODB;</mysql>