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Menus in Ferreteria handle... several things.

  • display of hierarchical URL-based menus
  • conversion of URLs into selected menu items/options



  • clsMenuNode (menu: abstract, extends clsTreeNode -- see tree)
    • clsMenuItem (menu: abstract, extends clsMenuNode)
      • clsMenuLink (menu: extends clsMenuItem)
      • clsMenuFolder (menu: extends clsMenuItem)
        • clsMenuHidden (menu: extends clsMenuFolder)
  • clsMenuPainter (menu: abstract)
  • clsDataTable_Menu (menu-data: extends clsTable)
  • clsDataRecord_Menu (menu-data: extends clsDataSet): delegates a lot of functions to clsMenuData_helper
  • clsMenuData_helper (menu-helper)
  • clsActionWidget (menu-action)
    • clsActionLink_base (menu-action: abstract, extends clsActionWidget)
      • clsActionLink (menu-action: abstract, extends clsActionLink_base)
      • clsActionLink_option (menu-action: extends clsActionLink_base)
    • clsAction_section (menu-action: extends clsActionWidget)