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Databases in Ferreteria are managed through several sets of classes that work together. I am in the process of rewriting this module from scratch; information about the existing code is in /v1.


  • Each Connection should be requested from the static DBO Factory class by passing it a connection spec.
  • The Factory looks up which Connection class is needed for the type specified in the connection spec.
  • The Factory creates the appropriate Connection object, passes it the rest of the spec to initialize it, and returns it to the caller.


Core classes:


  • db/v2/db-ui.php: trait which adds support for admin interface functionality

This is only a partial list, but includes some of the most heavily-used files.



  • fcDBOFactory: static class for creating connections
  • fcDataEngine: handler for a particular type of database
  • fcDataConn: connection to a database


2017-09-15 There's been some issue around the formatting of recordset fields. Tentatively, the only way to be consistent without requiring a lot of extra helper code that would be unnecessary most of the time is to assume they will be in the same format as the database, e.g. a BIT field will be asc(0) or asc(1) and needs to have conversion-{to/from}-boolean methods if it's going to be used as such. Database format is referred to as "stored", and simplest-calculable-internal representation (e.g. for dates, typically UNIX integer seconds since epoch, though there are other date formats requiring different representations) is referred to as "native".