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  • Every control (clsCtrl) belongs to a control row (clsCtrls).
  • Control rows can be indexed in order to allow for multi-row editing.
  • clsCtrls should eventually be renamed clsCtrlRow.
  • I haven't decided if there needs to be a clsForm class for containing multiple control rows.
    • Indexing is optional if you're only editing one row at a time.



  • util/forms.php
    • clsFields
    • clsField
      • clsFieldTime
      • clsFieldNum
      • clsFieldBool
        • clsFieldBool_Int
    • clsCtrls (abstract)
    • clsCtrl (abstract)
      • clsCtrlHTML
        • clsCtrlHTML_CheckBox
        • clsCtrlHTML_DropDown
        • clsCtrlHTML_Hidden
        • clsCtrlHTML_Fixed
        • clsCtrlHTML_ReadOnly
        • clsCtrlHTML_Rating
  • form-data.php
    • clsCtrls
      • clsForm_recs
        • clsForm_recs_indexed


The way this is organized is a little messed up; the descendants of clsCtrls handle database interaction -- but shouldn't it be the descendants of clsFields? It works reasonably well as is, but some rethinking might be a good idea, once everything is all mapped out.


  • clsCtrls (abstract): a collection of clsCtrl form controls -- often referred to in code as a "form object"
    • clsForm_recs: form object that knows how to interact with a database table
      • clsForm_recs_indexed: form object that knows how to interact with a keyed database table (allowing for additional functionality)
  • clsFields: a collection of clsField objects

unitary objects

  • clsField: a generic (unspecialized) field, suitable for plain text
    • clsFieldTime: field for storing date/time
    • clsFieldNum: field for storing numeric (int or float) data
    • clsFieldBool: field for storing a BIT-type boolean field (which, oddly, is returned as a single character instead of numeric)
      • should be renamed clsFieldBool_bit, or maybe this class should be abstract and clsFieldBool_bit should descend from it
      • clsFieldBool_Int: field for storing a boolean value stored as an integer
  • clsCtrl (abstract): a generic UI control
    • clsCtrlHTML: a control for an HTML form, suitable for single-line text entry
      • clsCtrlHTML_TextArea: HTML multiline text entry control
      • clsCtrlHTML_CheckBox: HTML checkbox control
      • clsCtrlHTML_DropDown: HTML single-choice drop-down control
      • clsCtrlHTML_Hidden: HTML invisible control, for returning calculated data
      • clsCtrlHTML_Fixed: HTML control for displaying pre-set data; useful for creating new records
      • clsCtrlHTML_ReadOnly: HTML control for non-editable data
      • clsCtrlHTML_Rating: HTML control for entering a rating (integer with fixed range and intervals)

Significant Functions

  • clsCtrls (abstract)
    • function Ctrl(<name>) → clsCtrl
    • function FieldsObject() → clsForm_recs_indexed
  • clsCtrl (abstract)
    • function Field() → clsField
    • function RowObject() → clsCtrls
  • clsFields
    • function DefaultValues() → array of mixed
  • clsField
    • function ValStore() → mixed
    • function ValShow() → string
  • clsCtrls → clsCtrl array
  • clsCtrl →