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  PURPOSE: Table-like object from which records can be selected but not necessarily a Table
    Basically, a query.
  USE WITH cIOSource
trait tSelectable_Source {
    abstract public function FieldsString_forSelect();
    abstract public function SourceString_forSelect();
    function GetStoragePortals() {
      ACTION: For each record in the current record source, the field values
	are added to an array which is keyed by the given field.
      INPUT: $sField = name of field to use as the array key
      RETURNS: keyed array
    public function SelectRows_asArray($sField) {
      RETURNS: Array consisting of just the values of the given field as found within the current recordset
	2017-05-27 written for title-topic display in VbzCart, because I couldn't find a replacement for ColumnValues_array().
	  This should be equivalent to what ColumnValues_array() used to do.
    public function SelectColumnValues_asArray($sField) {
    // 2017-03-18 created for EventPlex
    public function GetRows_forKeyList($sqlIDs) {