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class fcDropInManager extends cIOSource_internal {
    // METHOD: Goes through App object-factory so we don't get more than one regardless of how it's requested.
    static public function Me() {
    // CEMENT
    protected function RowsClass() { return 'fcrDropInModule'; }
    // CEMENT
    public function GetFieldClassArray() {
    protected function SetModule(fcrDropInModule $oMod) {
    protected function HasModules() { return ($this->HasRows()); }
    // PUBLIC because outside callers sometimes need to know if a module exists or not
    public function HasModule($sName) {
    static public function ScanDropins($fsFolder,fcTreeNode $oMenu) {
    protected function CheckFolders($fsFolder,fcTreeNode $oMenu) {
    protected function CheckFolder($fsFolder,fcTreeNode $oMenu) {
    protected function ProcessIndex($fsIndex,fcTreeNode $oMenu) {