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abstract class cFieldRow {
    use tFieldClasses;

    public function SetFields(array $ar) {
    public function ClearFields() {
    protected function GetFields() {
    protected function SetField(cIOField $oField) {
    protected function ZapField($sKey) {
    protected function RetrieveField($sKey) {
    // PURPOSE: RetrieveField() but throw exception if not found
    public function GetExistingField($sKey) {
    // PURPOSE: sets an individual value
    public function SetValue($sKey, $val) {
    public function GetValue($sKey) {
    public function GetValueNz($sKey,$def=NULL) {
    // PURPOSE: sets individual values from an array
    public function SetValues(array $ar) {
    public function FieldIsSet($sKey) { // retrieves field object, checks to see if it has a value set
    protected function MakeField($sKey) {
    public function GetNativePortals() {
        return new cPortalRow_native($this);
    public function GetStoragePortals() {
        return new cPortalRow_storage($this);
      RETURNS: array[control name] = rendering of control
    public function RenderControls($doEdit) {

    public function DumpFields() {