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  • Clone the Ferreteria Git repository into a folder of your choice, which we'll call <ferreteria base>.
  • Copy the <ferreteria base>/config folder to a location outside of [ferreteria base].
    • We'll call this new location <local config>.
    • My standard location for this is /home/<user>/site/config/ferreteria
  • Optional: Modify each file to match your local environment, according to instructions in each file.
    • There's currently only one file, const.php, and it normally won't need modifying.

Woozle's setup

Some specifics of how I usually set things up these days, giving examples from the dev instance I'm setting up as I type this (see User:Woozle/setups/vdomain for definitions):


You'll need to have <$USER>'s account set up with an ssh key that can access GitLab. At least, I think that's the requirement. It might be more GitLab-project-specific.


Run these commands in a terminal on your web server (you can skip mkdir wherever the folder already exists):

  • cd <$HOME>
  • su <$USER>
  • mkdir site
  • cd site
  • mkdir git
  • cd git
  • git clone git@gitlab.com:woozalia/ferreteria.git
  • cd ..
  • mkdir config
  • cd config
  • cp -R ../git/ferreteria/config ferreteria
  • cd ..
  • mkdir dropins
  • cd dropins
  • ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/basics basics
  • ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/users users
  • ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/wiki wiki

You may rename the folder-links anything you like (e.g. prefixing them with numbers for sorting); all folders in dropins will be checked for valid drop-ins.

for standalone

Make a dropins folder under site, and link or copy the folders for all the Ferreteria dropins you want to use into that folder.

for MediaWiki

Where $kfpSiteRoot is the server user's folder, and ferreteria's repo is in $kfpSiteRoot/git/ferreteria/:

$kfpConfigFerreteria = $kfpSiteRoot.'/site/config/ferreteria';